“No tree, it is said, can grow to heaven
unless its roots reach down to hell.”


Happiness is measured by the unconscious through the experience and presence of Love, friendship, humour, gratitude, hope and Truth.

These elements are cultivated and paid for with sacrifice, resilience, loyalty, courage, Honor.

This is the true value of our lives and it follows us onto our next journey.

The rest stays.

On religion, mindfulness and the Cosmos

Humans identify with certain religious beliefs out of a deep need for purpose and connection. I've had contact with Buddhists for a couple years and I could see that most of them got relief form delivering themselves to a group of people sharing the same set of beliefs and practices. And also by giving their hearts a honorable path to walk upon throughout their lives brought them purpose, guidance, safety and peace.

Buddhism is still a religion or set of beliefs yes but out of all those that our species as come up with, it's one that I can respect.

I believe that it would be beneficial to understand that ending with religion, criticising it, pointing it's flaws and so on won't solve the problem. Because those deep needs are still there no matter how much we fight religion.

Instead we could shift our focus and try to better understand those deep needs that drive human beings in identifying themselves with religion, cults or even political groups... This way we could present better alternatives to religion.

I for one feel in myself a very deep need in believing, pay respect and gratitude to some kind of higher power: the Cosmos itself feels to me like a very good alternative. I don't really know what the Cosmos is. No one really does. It's a mystery. But you can see it, taste it, feel it. It's all around us and within us.

Mindfullness is actually a very good tool in that it provides us a way to connect to this mystery and achieve some balance within ourselves.

Enter the flow

I've been practising BJJ for about a year now and I feel very happy to have made the decision to start practising this art.

Practising BJJ helps me to develop a number of qualities which out of the mat are of great importance.

Desire for discipline

We live in a hostile Universe.

Human beings are part of an ecosystem of organisms whose main impulse is to survive. Survival to what? To entropy, violence, cold, the void.

We are surrounded by an infinity of possibilities that can lead us to failure of survival. There are obstacles surrounding us in every direction. This is true for all the species inhabiting our planet.

Humanity is the most successful species on this planet. Part of the reason why is because our ancestors did not shy away from difficulties. Rather those obstacles were faced and overcome with much pain and sacrifice.