We have only this moment,
sparkling like a star in our hand...
and melting like a snowflake

Life Within, Life Without

I believe we urge to feel connected to Life. We feel that connection when we belong, when we connect to others, either humans, animals or nature. When we feel that what we give is beneficial, accepted, when we interact, play. We also feel that connection when we experience flow in any activity.

The opposites are stagnation, the absence of flow, or isolation, the absence of connection, even rejection. The Life within us urges to connect to the Life without us.

The Cause of Suffering

What is True? What can we know for sure? Whatever it is, it is inseparable from that which seeks to know it, ourselves. We cannot know reality if we do not know ourselves first. What can we see if we lay aside our conditioning, beliefs, desires, dreams, fantasies and opinions, and observe that which is as it is, both within and without?

Conditioning vs. Insight

There's two distinct ways of learning.

- We can learn by way of assimilation of information (conditioning);
- We can learn by way of experimentation, testing, experience, realising or witnessing (insight).

Chasing Contentment

I've been playing a video game in the last few days. And while playing I noticed how the connection with this activity sends me into a state of mind where I am easily fooled into believing that I have to do something in order to be well. I have to destroy some villain in order to win. I have to overcome a series of obstacles to get to the next obstacle, or to get the next upgrades to become a better player.