“We have only this moment,
sparkling like a star in our hand...
and melting like a snowflake.”

What do you choose?

We talk about God, love, truth, ideals, freedom
We have philosophies, religions, cults, rituals, science
We have priests, politicians, generals, scientists
We have machines, arts, monuments, weapons, books
We have nothing, we know nothing
We are lost, confused and sleepy
We consume, destroy, kill and lie


In space, form
In silence, sound
In mind, thought
In heart, pain
In being, universe
In nothing, dream
Me, you, us, everything

A matter of being present

Infinite possibilities.
Each thought a grain of dust in the wind.
All these theories, opinions, ideas and words are derived from the confrontation between the paradox of life and the human mind. When confronted with the concept of infinity and the realisation of Being, we gain access to a state of consciousness in which it appears that we can more easily connect the dots, or assemble the puzzle. But it also seems to be something where everything is possible and infinite, connecting the dots never ends, and we end up with a tangle of lines. I feel that there is always something that is not quite right, there is always a piece of the puzzle that does not fit. And that piece has to do with me, that piece is myself. Although I understand all these concepts I continue to feel unsatisfied. Why?

The Great Mystery

Black Sun
Whatever view of reality we hold on to, one necessary condition must be present: we must be alive, conscious, aware. It is the basis for everything we know, everything we have ever built, will achieve and experience.
Some people might live their whole lives running around, working, fighting, and end up dying without ever realising to its fullest potential the weirdness, the wondrousness, of just this simple fact: I'm here, alive, breathing, seeing, listening and feeling all this rainbow of sensations, thoughts and feelings in this body at this moment.


The 21st card in the Thoth Tarot deck,
"The Universe"
This post comes as an answer to the proposition put forward by Chris in his blog post The Re-Enchantment Dialogues, Part 2: Suggestion Box.

Without wanting to sound pretentious, and admitting that I'm really not comfortable in sharing this for a number of reasons, I'll describe my first experience of re-enchantment here in the hope that it might benefit someone, or to give you a broader perspective of the variety and uncertainty of the process for each one.

For years I wrote a personal journal. During my daily life I just felt something was not right, and every time I felt this nausea, or something wanting to speak through me to be expressed to me, I just had to write it down, to put it outside of me, for me to look at, whatever it was: the way I view the world, why I thought the world was fucked, why I was feeling down and how it felt, philosophical musings, poetry, drawings, whatever came down the pipe I just had to put it down, it made me feel saner. I also started doing that with dreams, OBEs, and other strange phenomenons I was experiencing.

The Alien Within

The Alien Within
This one started out as a comment to a post from the Secret Sun:

Ockham, the Occult and the Ultraterrestrials

There is certainly a trickster and spiritual element to all this Alien/UFO mystery. Reminds me of some Zen teaching methods like the Koan and other seemingly irrational behaviour and discourses employed by ancient Zen masters. It all seems to work with the purpose of breaking/fracturing the normal human logic, rational, official paradigm, or mind program/matrix, forced in our minds since birth. Once that is achieved some kind of transformation happens.

Freedom in the Mind - Pt2

"Rorschach Fractal" or "The Joker"
When I look out there, I feel like I'm just seeing Rorschach blots everywhere. Each person, element, event, idea, symbol, word, is like a fractal or Rorschach blot of information, shape, meaning, energy, and when I perceive them, I feel they have no absolutely definitive meaning worth pursuing or converting into a belief, except that which I want to see and interpret intentionally/consciously or unintentionally/unconsciously, thus creating an enormous amount of interpretations and perceptions in my mind leading to misunderstanding and confusion in me and others.

Freedom in the Mind - Pt1

The Mind
When born into this world, we get plunged into a river of information, where each one of us is forced to play a role in this drama/game that seems to have been written by a crazy idiot. The pure, empty and virgin mind of the child has no alternative but to identify, assimilate the rules and participate in this game of civilization.
As a photographic paper out of the box and exposed to sunlight, the child's mind will initiate a process of assimilation of information and learning through observation and imitation of their surrounding environment. In an environment not always of love and understanding, but charged with emotional blackmail, punishment and repression, the future adult begins this way the build up of his personality, learning a language and education that are essentially dualistic, thus preparing us for the "win or lose" game of civilization.

Infinity is the Void God is The Monkey

At its most fundamental level, there is no separation, we are all Life, drops of rain temporarily separated from a cloud, traveling in space, separated by space, towards our destination, we're drops of water from the same Ocean.
When we breathe, we remember that it's the trees that allow us to breathe. When we contemplate a flower, we find that a bit of the cloud that passes over us, is in the flower. When we eat an apple, we can see that the land that feeds the tree, is also part of the apple. When we feel the Sun's heat we know it is no different from the warmth of a human body. Everything is in everything, and everything depends on everything. The apparent separation perceived by us is illusory, resulting from our ignorance of the true nature of things.

Unleash the Dreamers

The Dream
The Revolution, Evolution, and the chance for Heaven on Earth, starts in the heart and mind of each child that is born into this planet. This is so for two reasons: a newborn child is an empty vessel of information. Her mind is pure and empty of concepts, totally immersed in the Dream World, the Heart. The second reason is that the child, if respected, cared for, and maintained free, can bring into our reality the missing ingredient: Magic, the ability to mold reality (the Dream) to our True Will, through the use of the most powerful human gift of all: Imagination, the ability to create, to Dream awakened.