“We have only this moment,
sparkling like a star in our hand...
and melting like a snowflake.”


The 21st card in the Thoth Tarot deck,
"The Universe"
This post comes as an answer to the proposition put forward by Chris in his blog post The Re-Enchantment Dialogues, Part 2: Suggestion Box.

Without wanting to sound pretentious, and admitting that I'm really not comfortable in sharing this for a number of reasons, I'll describe my first experience of re-enchantment here in the hope that it might benefit someone, or to give you a broader perspective of the variety and uncertainty of the process for each one.

For years I wrote a personal journal. During my daily life I just felt something was not right, and every time I felt this nausea, or something wanting to speak through me to be expressed to me, I just had to write it down, to put it outside of me, for me to look at, whatever it was: the way I view the world, why I thought the world was fucked, why I was feeling down and how it felt, philosophical musings, poetry, drawings, whatever came down the pipe I just had to put it down, it made me feel saner. I also started doing that with dreams, OBEs, and other strange phenomenons I was experiencing.