“We have only this moment,
sparkling like a star in our hand...
and melting like a snowflake.”

Inner Space and the Astronaut Neuron

A small tale to tell your kids before they go to bed:
Once upon a time on a perfectly normal blood cycle, a small little neuron in someone's brain, without quite knowing why, began to wonder about who he was after all, and what thing is this going around about the Great Brain that all other neurons speak about and to whom they say they serve.

The Taste of Truth

"The only book worth reading,
is the Heart."
Ajahn Chah

I like honey. It has a very distinctive flavor, unlike any other kind of candy or sugar. I love eating pancakes with honey. It's amazing that this gift of Nature comes from the world of insects. Normally when we think of insects we think of flies, annoying mosquitoes and other flying things. But there are these beings known as honeybees that through a natural and mysterious alchemical process, transform the nectar and pollen from flowers in a creamy and delicious goo. It's amazing!

A Child's Play

Excerpt from Hermann Hesse's novel "Steppenwolf":
"Well, get up, so I told myself, lather yourself, scrape your chin till it bleeds, dress and show an amiable disposition towards your fellow-men. And while I lathered my face, I thought of that sordid hole in the clay of the cemetery into which some unknown person had been lowered that day.

Don't try to understand

Doubts, uncertainties, words
Chaos, struggle, certainties
We can read, talk and think
Yesterday and tomorrow,


The answer, clarity, knowing
Peace, a smile, kindness
Within, invisible, a feeling

Don't try to understand


Our normal human language is perhaps far too limited, too much distortions can occur, resulting in non-synchronous comunication, misunderstanding. The simple word "tree" might mean one thing to you and another to me. It might bring back diferent sensations, memories, emotions and images to each one of us. And "tree" is not an abstract word. The problem increases exponentially when we deal with abstract notions such as those used in philosophy, religion, psychology etc.