“We have only this moment,
sparkling like a star in our hand...
and melting like a snowflake.”

What do you choose?

We talk about God, love, truth, ideals, freedom
We have philosophies, religions, cults, rituals, science
We have priests, politicians, generals, scientists
We have machines, arts, monuments, weapons, books
We have nothing, we know nothing
We are lost, confused and sleepy
We consume, destroy, kill and lie


In space, form
In silence, sound
In mind, thought
In heart, pain
In being, universe
In nothing, dream
Me, you, us, everything

A matter of being present

Infinite possibilities.
Each thought a grain of dust in the wind.
All these theories, opinions, ideas and words are derived from the confrontation between the paradox of life and the human mind. When confronted with the concept of infinity and the realisation of Being, we gain access to a state of consciousness in which it appears that we can more easily connect the dots, or assemble the puzzle. But it also seems to be something where everything is possible and infinite, connecting the dots never ends, and we end up with a tangle of lines. I feel that there is always something that is not quite right, there is always a piece of the puzzle that does not fit. And that piece has to do with me, that piece is myself. Although I understand all these concepts I continue to feel unsatisfied. Why?