“We have only this moment,
sparkling like a star in our hand...
and melting like a snowflake.”


Our normal human language is perhaps far too limited, too much distortions can occur, resulting in non-synchronous comunication, misunderstanding. The simple word "tree" might mean one thing to you and another to me. It might bring back diferent sensations, memories, emotions and images to each one of us. And "tree" is not an abstract word. The problem increases exponentially when we deal with abstract notions such as those used in philosophy, religion, psychology etc.

Understanding, to me, is the synchronous, or overlapping, or union between two or more units of consciousness. It's about tuning in with the other. It's about "seeing what the other means".

But understanding can also occur between the conscious and unconscious parts of ourselves, thus diminishing the illusory notion of separation, fading away with that barrier or filter that confers an idea of a heavy dead reality out there, the impersonal, ruthless Universe in which you must fight for survival.

It's an understanding where the duality of consciousness and unconsciousness, inner and outer, is vanquished and Nature shows it's true face. This is maybe the most important, and stressfull, task at first, to know who and what we really are. It is a search for meaning. This search for meaning is done at all levels. I might wonder what a certain person means with a certain sentense, a certain look, a certain action. And I might wonder what a certain Universe means with a certain existence, a certain creation, a certain destruction, a certain chaos, a certain void, a certain something, a certain me being here alive and breathing, feeling, suffering, thinking, creating, destroying, manipulating, loving, being an asshole, being gentle and peaceful.

There is a language spoken by the Universe, by Nature. It's all around you, and inside, it's silent, noisy, empty and yet fullfiling. It's the sound of the wind, the silence of a room, the touch of another, and space itself. It is pure Math, which is consciousness and space, it is that which makes possible all that Is. And that which makes it possible, makes possible the human language. Human language is a dumbed down, rudimentary, poor version of it, but necessary given our state of consciousness.

When the Universe (your unconscious) wants to communicate to you directly, then the human language, physical events, actions, feelings, all the possibilities of experience might converge in a way that exceeds our capacity, at first, to understand.

Language provides a bridge, a path, in the search for meaning. The search seases when True Understanding occurs within. But this words: understanding, meaning, even Love or caring, consciosness, unconsciousness, although they appear to mean different things they are exactly the same.

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