“We have only this moment,
sparkling like a star in our hand...
and melting like a snowflake.”

The Real Prophecy

When we detach ourselves from our daily affairs, from our own biased views, opinions, perception filters, social conditioning (culture/the program), fears, cravings and so on, in other words our entire reality-tunnel, our perception of reality changes quite a bit. From this refreshed point of view we can better look into the reality of the human condition both in the micro and the macro levels. Also, and perhaps most importantly, we acquire a different perspective of our own internal processes. These two, the way we see ourselves and the way we see the world, are not mutually exclusive, in fact they are connected and depend on one another.

This human world where we're living in is, like Terence Mckenna often remarked, kind of like an organic hive made up of symbols, language and speech. It is a construct of the mind, a kind of a collective hallucination. It's better known as culture. Its web of perception goes in all directions, into the past, present, and we try to cast it into the future also. In the center of this web of ours is the great spider, the sum of all human minds, our collective mind/organism. Better known as the collective unconscious. This huge human nest works much like a giant brain or machine always calculating. It is a weird organism both living in and creating this weird, magical and mysterious reality. But the spider seems to have become trapped in its own web.

In the past lost civilisations often practised this art of peeking outside this web and into the future. It was done in order to seek guidance. Ancient technologies and sacred knowledge were used in these endeavours. The practitioners of this lost art were the ancient astronomers, shamans, and prophets. In these times there wasn't a clear distinction between science and religion or spirituality. And the technologies used might have been consisted of tools that allowed them to access hidden realms of knowledge, inspiration and power. Only these realms were not external to them, but internal.

The most predominant feature in most peoples' lives is that it is boring and hard to go by. And we go through all kinds of shit to make it more interesting, exciting, less demanding, and more gratifying. It became apparent to me that all the hype surrounding the prophecies regarding the year 2012, were part of this effort. Wouldn't it be great if on 21/12/2012 some great event would happen? We've all heard about some of the possible outcomes: spiritual ascension, alien takeover, UFO disclosure, magnetic pole reversal, sudden global spiritual awakening, global flood, etc.

It's just too simplistic to hope that some sort of change would actually occur in some specific date. Because we live in a chaotic and uncertain reality, we cannot expect precise dates or precise and predictable changes. Other alternatives suggest this prophecies (mayan, hopi, bible, vedas etc) function as echoes travelling backwards in time, or side effects of the collective mind sensing a change in the future behaviour-pattern of its' workers (us), or ripples in a timeless ocean of information that our ancient scientists explored in their inner-space adventures having brought to us their interpretation of what this ripples might mean.

In this way it becomes clear that the redemption of humankind is a transformation that happens possibly through a long period of time, and not necessarily in some sudden one-time event. This makes more sense of course, but it certainly remains boring because it is profound and requires effort to understand, therefore the masses lose their interest showing instead preference for the entertaining, simplified, dumbed-down, distorted misinformation floating in the mainstream media's shitpool.

It might just be that only the next generations will be able to witness the results and collect the fruits from the changes that are taking place right now in various forms. And this is a downer for those who were waiting for something to happen on 21/12/2012. Deep down people just wanted some kind of cosmic instant gratification, something to change/end their boring lives. The real change in this world will not come from the selfish desire to have everything suddenly made easy and better for us. The real change finds its fuel in the understanding and deep care for all life on the planet. This real change requires action, effort, sacrifices, commitment, honor, time and patience. The real change, or should I say the real prophecy, is not about the future, it's about us getting our asses off of our chairs and doing something. It's about finding out who we really are. It's about what we can do NOW.

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masterymistery said...

Excellent post. I've been looking for sensible comments about the failure of the world to be destroyed last December!

Also, "our collective mind": I'm a firm believer in as broad a definition of "person" as possible. The planet Earth is a person, named Gaia by some. The collective mind of the human species is a person.

The Universe is a person.

The whole of Reality is a person. Within which other persons and personages nest like russian dolls. (where are they rushing to, I wander).

Can a nation be a person? A city? Yes, according to Robinson Jeffers as expressed in his poem "Natural music":

"...if we were strong enough to listen without divisions of desire and terror to the storm of the sick nations, the rage of the hunger-smitten cities, those voices also would be found..."

Can a group of people be a person? Possibly, according to Joseph Campbell in "Primitive Mythology". Concerning the public performance of religious rituals Campbell rites:

" The ceremonies continue for many nights, many days, uniting the villagers in a fused being that is not biological, essentially, but a living spirit---with numerous heads, many eyes, many voices, numerous feet pounding the Earth---lifted even out of temporality and translated into the no-place, no-time, no-when, no-where of the mythological age, which is here and now."

I've written a lot on this subject in my blog Cosmic Rapture. Here's a link if you're interested to one of a series of posts on the subject of personhood: getting personal

I've added "dreaming in the void" to the cosmic rapture blogroll, under the heading "other domains" (right hand sidebar).

Keep up The Great Work!