“We have only this moment,
sparkling like a star in our hand...
and melting like a snowflake.”

Infinity is the Void God is The Monkey

At its most fundamental level, there is no separation, we are all Life, drops of rain temporarily separated from a cloud, traveling in space, separated by space, towards our destination, we're drops of water from the same Ocean.
When we breathe, we remember that it's the trees that allow us to breathe. When we contemplate a flower, we find that a bit of the cloud that passes over us, is in the flower. When we eat an apple, we can see that the land that feeds the tree, is also part of the apple. When we feel the Sun's heat we know it is no different from the warmth of a human body. Everything is in everything, and everything depends on everything. The apparent separation perceived by us is illusory, resulting from our ignorance of the true nature of things.

When we contemplate the concept of Infinity with the mind, and more especially when we feel our Heart, the source of Life, we realize that in reality our individuality is transient, it does not exist by itself, separate from the rest. When we walk on a beach and observe a wave, we can see that the wave is not separate from the ocean, that it is a temporary manifestation, and that when the wave dies in the sand, its water flows back into the ocean.

A monkey sitting at a desk and typing at random on a typewriter for ever, would certainly, at some point, end up writing, letter by letter, the complete works of William Shakespeare. It seems hard to accept, but if we contemplate what "forever" means, it becomes easy to understand. But not only would he do it once, but again and again for ever. As long as it would take to do it at least once, like hundreds of thousands of billions of years, would be irrelevant because any number we are able to imagine, however large, is as close to Infinity as the number one. Plus, that monkey would certainly write all the works of all authors that have ever existed and will exist, he would write all the conversations that all humans have had in the past and all those that will occur, and in all the languages that exist and existed, all letters sent, all the emails exchanged. God is a monkey typing randomly in Infinity. There is no need to speculate any further about it, no need for more dogma, more confusion. This Consciousness, this Everything and Nothing, is right in front of us and within us. Eat a grape, breathe, run, smile, cry, make Love, meditate, look at the clouds, there is the Infinite. In each atom we find that Infinity is Everything and Nothing, the Beginning and the End.

Why do we suffer?

Everything is flat as the Ocean, everything stems from the same origin, but sometimes storms occur, as the one we are experiencing now, which started when man broke away from Mother Earth. Can you hear Her cry? Are we so badly flawed that we can't understand this simple and obvious Cosmic Law, this fundamental Truth for Peace and balance on Earth? No. We live in ignorance and the illusion of separation because we were born and educated in a system and society that is disconnected from the source of Life, the Heart. We are born perfect, but then "education" steps in and we forget everything, the Heart gets lost, and trash is forced into our minds. We assimilate all this, we get confused and end up projecting and perceiving separation, ignorance, violence, hatred and contempt for ourselves and for the rest of the world. All cultures and traditions connected with Mother Earth in the past, and those few still intact in the jungles of the Amazon for example, understand this connection with the Cosmos and the Heart. Since Columbus "discovered" America, the Native American culture has been systematically destroyed, entire tribes decimated, and Forests flattened to the ground to make room for McDonald's cows. And amazingly, in our ignorance and arrogance we consider them primitive, and ourselves and our "civilization" as evolved and sophisticated... Evolution is Peace, evolution is Love, evolution is harmony, evolution is understating, evolution is freedom.

The solution

Do we want boring jobs? No! Do we want to create? Yes! Do we want oppression? No! Do we want freedom? Yes! Do we want more wars and hunger on the planet? No! Do we want peace and harmony? Yes! Right now, we have reached a point in our history where we can collectively make a choice essentially between two paths: You can choose to continue to walk the path of submission and obedience, and continue to participate in a society and system that is mechanical, sterile, cruel, inhuman, where Truth is suppressed and lies roam free giving room to deception and corruption. From it stems all the hatred in this planet, all the chaos, the silent screams of despair, all anguish, all the fight for survival forcing man to kill man. Civilization gives rise to a perpetual expression and projection of fear and darkness is our Hearts. Or we can chose to follow the path which in itself is an expression of the single Law of the Cosmos: Love, Peace and Freedom! We do not need violence, revolutions, blood, and anxiety to change the world. Do you want to save the world? Save yourself first! Open your mind and Heart, live your life as you want and not as others want it, and spread your Love. Change your attitude and the world will change with you.

Stop complaining, start acting

Stop listening to politicians, turn off the TV, stop reading the papers. Stop falling for the trap of "democracy. " Stop complaining about politicians and the system, and assume responsibility for your life, and for what is happening! These demons that roam free and control us are but a projection of our minds, of our collective fear. Stop repeating again and again about how bad things are, just to go back to the couch afterwards. We need action! And this action will not come from those who benefit from this state of affairs, the action has to come from us! Help the children of the next generation to understand our situation, and what they can do, and please let them be themselves. Stop the mindless consuming of resources. Stop feeding the multinational companies with your money. Stop using loans and credit cards. Inform yourself on how to participate in the building of a just society where nobody is exploited, and where we can enjoy quality instead of consuming quantity. Begin to explore the possibility of stopping to use money, it is possible if we help each other. If each one of us do this, if more and more people begin to participate and contribute in creating a New World, the new paradigm, and start doing and speaking their Heart, then we will have Peace. It wasn't us who created borders, rules, traditions, money, who brought war, those who did so are long dead, and those who strive to maintain them, are dead inside. Let's create our own world while we still have a chance.


Raj said...

Good stuff, my friend. I hope people listen.

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Jay Schwartz said...

Nice post and good thoughts. See, my question has always been: if a monkey actually chose to sit at a typewriter, what are the chances it would want to type out the complete works of Shakespeare?

dboy said...

inspirational - but that clip is awesome

ShahbazAliKhanMS said...


Wrote along similar lines prior to reading this (as always) excellent post. I would like a cogent 'map' of activity for myself leading into my mid-30's that attempts to do just what you have written, and this 'map' is helped by your writings. So, again, thanks