“We have only this moment,
sparkling like a star in our hand...
and melting like a snowflake.”

Freedom in the Mind - Pt1

The Mind
When born into this world, we get plunged into a river of information, where each one of us is forced to play a role in this drama/game that seems to have been written by a crazy idiot. The pure, empty and virgin mind of the child has no alternative but to identify, assimilate the rules and participate in this game of civilization.
As a photographic paper out of the box and exposed to sunlight, the child's mind will initiate a process of assimilation of information and learning through observation and imitation of their surrounding environment. In an environment not always of love and understanding, but charged with emotional blackmail, punishment and repression, the future adult begins this way the build up of his personality, learning a language and education that are essentially dualistic, thus preparing us for the "win or lose" game of civilization.

The program, the game and the prison

It is this mental program that we will carry and recall every day when we wake up, and will inevitably feel compelled to resume from the moment that we left it before falling asleep. In this way we reconnect and resume our role in the game, like a cog in the machine, forcing our dailly existence to become a struggle for survival, where man is forced to explore his brother, to get more than him, be more than he, or the other extreme: to at least get the minimum conditions for survival and suffer as little as possible, submitting to and obeying to those who want more and more for themselves.

Obviouslly we ​​need a minimum amount of comfort, food, warmth, health, physical and mental activity. But do we really have to struggle and suffer to obtain those? Life should be free, and it was in a past in which man and nature lived in harmony. Just the fact that we live and possess within us the most precious gift there is in a desert Universe, Life, gives us the right to these minimum conditions. And do we really need more than that to enjoy life? Why is it that in this planet most of the population lives in poverty, and a minority lives in overwhelming comfort consuming most of the planet's natural resources? This minority represents 20% of the population and consumes 80% of natural resources, the remaining 20% ​​of natural resources are consumed by 80% of the population in poverty.

We are all prisoners of this game. The question is, what keeps us prisoners? What compels us to be our brother's executioner? Where are the chains, bars, the cell, the prison-guards? Where is the Hero who comes to rescue us?
The prison is in our mind, the chains are the words, the cell is thought, and the prison guards are ourselves. The Hero is our Heart.
What then prevents us from being free?
The emotional identification with the mental program and the inability to tune into the Force present in our Hearts, this amazing Energy that can save us from the dictatorship of our mind programs, the Matrix.

Hacking the program (Solve et Coagula)

For the liberation of the mind and the connection with the Heart to happen, the transformation, it seems necessary first of all to observe the mind, to know to what extent are we dependent on our thoughts, words, beliefs, conventions, to observe our emotional connection with this mental content and how much we suffer through that link. What are our weaknesses, what places do we not want to go in our minds, what memories we avoid, what are our fears. In other words, is is necessary to know ourselves as much as possible. In making this observation it is important to be as honest as possible even when it becomes difficult.

When we do not know ourselves deeply, we become unconscious of our inner mechanisms, we act automatically, we simply react to external and internal conditions in combination with our social, intellectual and emotional conditioning, without questioning ourselves. Thus we live on the surface of things, hypnotized by appearances, dependent and plunged into a river of information, ignorance, reaction, unconsciousness, superficiality, struggle, pain and exhaustion in civilization. We end up suffering and cause suffering to others in this way.

We can go further in observing the workings of the mind by observing, analyzing, feeling and understanding the atom, the essence of what imprisons us:
The memory, thought and words.

(To be continued)

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Angel said...

"...forced to play a role in this drama/game that seems to have been written by a crazy idiot."


I'm chuckling because at first this seemed terrifying, then I got used to it, I now recognize the drama and can choose to be in or out.

Lovin' your posts.