“We have only this moment,
sparkling like a star in our hand...
and melting like a snowflake.”

Freedom in the Mind - Pt2

"Rorschach Fractal" or "The Joker"
When I look out there, I feel like I'm just seeing Rorschach blots everywhere. Each person, element, event, idea, symbol, word, is like a fractal or Rorschach blot of information, shape, meaning, energy, and when I perceive them, I feel they have no absolutely definitive meaning worth pursuing or converting into a belief, except that which I want to see and interpret intentionally/consciously or unintentionally/unconsciously, thus creating an enormous amount of interpretations and perceptions in my mind leading to misunderstanding and confusion in me and others.

This can happen both in personal life and pretty much with everything else. We all just want to understand and be understood, love and be loved, it's very simple, and words, beliefs, assumptions, interpretations, perceptions and conventions most of the time work like barriers that make this connection between individuals and cultures difficult, and sometimes next to impossible to happen.

It seems to me that we are hypnotized somehow by the habit of believing words, thoughts, interpretations and perceptions, conditioning in this way our feelings and actions, thus we end up becoming slaves to belief systems like religions, politics, cults and other forms of collective conventions or attempts to make sense of the senseless. This way it becomes difficult and painful for there to be understanding, empathy, calmness and respect when we are confronted with people with a different set of beliefs, mind program and culture. This is what separates us, what makes us feel separated, what makes us want to agree or disagree, accept or reject. I feel there is really nothing to believe because there is nothing except that which already is, Life, a presence of being inseparable from everything, a knowing of the present moment, and this is possible to know and experience by anyone at anytime. Most of the times we go around thinking we know how things are, or the way things should be, and so on. But I suspect that we actually know nothing, and by realizing that, the nothing becomes everything.

The only things that to me seem to be real and worth pursuing, the right tools for real knowing, expression, creativity, understanding and navigating this reality or Fractal, are imagination or creativity, feeling and understanding. These 3 qualities stem essentially not from the Brain/thought, but from our Heart, which is the the Stargate to the Cosmos, the True Mind, the ever-present origin both outside and inside. The Brain/thought, in my view, seems to be just some sort of control mechanism that limits the access to higher states of awareness, in this way it becomes Castaneda's Predator, Burroughs's Alien Virus, Hubbard's Implant. A mechanism probably put there in order for there to become possible the necessary illusion of individuality.

Some questions:

What is it that in our lives might become useful and worth to do in order to bring the necessary internal and external conditions for us and others around the world to embrace these 3 qualities (imagination or creativity, feeling or empathy and understanding or awareness) and develop them?

Do we need enemies for Life to make sense? Are we creating them? Imagining them? Aren't we all just doing the best we know/can/are according to our conditioning/knowing?

Aren't conspiracy theories, ideologies, religions, dogma, philosophies, or any kind of mental program, just attempts to make sense out of what otherwise seems like a senseless world, or an attempt to ignore, hide and change the seemingly (to me) terrible Truth of the simplicity, beauty, ruthlessness and emptiness of the Cosmos?

To which extent is synchronicity, providence etc (attributing meaningfulness to an apparent simultaneousness of events/meaning/causality) just a by-product of this willingness of the mind to make sense of the world and personal experiences?

Or on the other side, might synchronicity be some form of hyper-dimensional Math, or the result of our inner capacity to connect to higher states of consciousness, thus gaining the ability to read into the Over-Fractal equation that manages events in this Lower-Fractal of reality, becoming aware in this way of the underlying Force/Math/logic that makes synchronicity possible? It's like when you look at a Math professor filling the board with what seems random numbers, letters and symbols, but if you become knowledgeable of Math, you suddenly realize that it is not random at all, and you start seeing theorems and equations etc, then you find yourself able to interact with the professor and improve your knowledge of Math. Is synchronicity a remnant/effect of some incomprehensible/invisible level/reality of experience/being that somehow has this effect on the 3D world of ours? In other words some kind of mathematical Overmind/mechanism, the 5th Element/vertex, the top of the pyramid, present in every human, living being and atom, using Chaos/emptiness, or infinite potential as raw material in order to create and maintain the overall order and probability for this reality to exist? Do we really need to speculate or endow this Force with human qualities, like surveillance, punishment, loving, forgiveness, a white beard etc (God), or evil (demiurge, Lucifer, etc)? Or attach ourselves to some out-of-this-planet-all-powerful-Alien-force-that-seeded-the-planet-with-their-DNA kind of plot/novel? Or is it possible to let go of speculation or attachment to any kind of opinion/view/perception?

Is human History the movement of it's apparent chaos towards convergence or a new kind of order, state of consciousness, by the way of synchronicity?


dboy said...

to dream perchance to be...
i was at a site (synchole i think) this morning and i accidentally highlighted your avatar.will i go have a look? nah. !/2 an hour later i hit the secretsun facebook page and there you were. now i only have be hit so hard before i start paying attention. so synchronicity has delivered me up, to know and be known; understand and be understood.i liked both parts of your post. i agree with your premise, and concur with cat powers sentiments.dubfx had me dancin' in my chair.cheers dboy.
the word verification is abilon, anagram for albion, home of the once and future king, camelot.why did camelot cumalot?cause he played with his lancealot. earlier today the word verification was flows.if nothing else, synchronicity is an amusing way to pass time; it inspires creativity, and that cant be a bad thing.

Alfons said...

I like how you write about perception and choice in perception and your feelings about it. Also I like the many different elements you use on your page. I'm really happy I found it!

(I found it through wefeelfine.org / searching for "feel")

And ironically, it's all through words. Everything here, all the joy, just because of words. Why not just cherish and honor them! :-)