“We have only this moment,
sparkling like a star in our hand...
and melting like a snowflake.”

What do you choose?

We talk about God, love, truth, ideals, freedom
We have philosophies, religions, cults, rituals, science
We have priests, politicians, generals, scientists
We have machines, arts, monuments, weapons, books
We have nothing, we know nothing
We are lost, confused and sleepy
We consume, destroy, kill and lie

But the worse is, we know it and we continue with the charade. We must maintain at all costs the illusion of control, the illusion that we know what is happening around us, the illusion that we have solutions to the problems affecting human systems, the illusion that we understand the workings of the universe, the illusion that we know where we came from and where we’re going, the illusion that we have God on our side, or for those who do not believe in God, science and technology, and that the wise gentlemen behind the banks, governments and multinationals that rule our lives will solve all our problems. We can then return to the comfort of our couch, turn on the TV or the laptop, and distract our minds with any form of entertainment that makes us forget the fact that we are moving towards our own destruction, so that for a moment we might think that “everything is okay". And we do it with a smile, a disinterest and an eerie apathy that hides beneath it all a pain and anguish of not having enough strength to change and face the fear, a contempt and hatred for ourselves and for all that is good, real, true, unique, living, pure and beautiful: the breeze, the blue sky, the rain, the sound of the waves, of the trees, the animals, the smile of a child, the silence of a flower, the beauty of a sunrise, the magic of a starry night sky, the joy of feeling with our whole being that we are here, living, breathing right now.

I feel a certain relief when I remember that it is us who are in danger and not the Earth. So great is our arrogance that we think we are capable of destroying the planet and its children. We only have the power to destroy ourselves, this is called free will. It’s never been about saving the planet, it’s about saving humankind. The Earth is an organism that possesses a form of intelligence that we will never understand, it will react to our ignorance and our acts, it will survive, heal itself, renew itself, it will create new species and develop the existing ones, the forests will arise again, the rivers and oceans will regenerate and the atmosphere will be purified. The big question that arises now is whether or not man will be part of this New World. We must stop the madness or start packing.

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