“We have only this moment,
sparkling like a star in our hand...
and melting like a snowflake.”

What is Truth?

Akhenaten, Nefertiti and their children under the Aton
Here we are alive and breathing without knowing why or how. This is a very interesting point for me.

No human being has ever made the decision to exist. Nobody knows why they exists, nobody knows what was before and what comes after this existence.

Of course we can speculate we did choose to exist, but still we're just using this mind and the ability to think and imagine to speculate, it is never the Truth. We can also speculate by looking at what was before us, rocks, fossils. Or by studying other life forms, or the outside emptiness of Space. We also try to anticipate the future by imagining or calculating odds and probabilities.

But nobody knows the reason and the origin of this mystery of being alive now. The mystery of this experience of consciousness. Through this mysterious awareness combined with reason and imagination we have the capacity to observe and marvel with the infinity of the Cosmos, but on the other hand we also become aware that one day we will die and dive into the unknown.

This mysterious awareness is also the door to explore the spiritual world, the paranormal, the strange, the unknown, and to get mystical experiences. But even here uncertainty also prevails, perhaps even more, because we are confronted with a larger and more complex landscape than the one here on Earth.

What I mean is that actually nobody knows anything, even the enlightened person, the Master, the Guru are uncertain, no one has certainties, we're all walking blindly. But we tend to hide by pretending that someone somewhere has the answers and that we only have to surrender our lives and will to authority figures and everything will be fine.

Most people do not realise this because it is more comfortable and easy for ourselves to be seduced by the surrendering of the responsibility for our lives to others, and choosing a life of forgetfulness and mindless obedience. We follow this path of submission every day, and comfortably close our eyes in end of the day lying in our beds. And then the next day we repeat the process over and over again until the day we die.

To take responsibility for being alive is to have the courage to say what is True, to embrace, to be, and to express that Truth even when faced with a majority who do not want that responsibility, and who hate those who chose to have it and express it.

But what Truth is this? If even now I just said that knows anything? We know nothing in the realm of thought, words, theories, the "whys" and the "hows", the "befores" and the "afters".

But something very important we can know for sure, and that something is what most eludes us, it is something that is not in the "before" or the in "after" but in the NOW: we exist, we are all alive, experiencing awareness, breathing, eating, shitting, pissing, sweating, suffering, loving, crying, hating, destroying, growing and dying. From the businessman or politician to the homeless, the fool and the savage and also animals, plants and other life forms. We are all together in this experience. And we're having it on this planet, the planet Earth, which so far is the only planet we know of where this phenomenon known as life flourished.

This is the basis to begin, the Truth, and the rest comes after. This is important for me because when observing this world, I see that we have created a system and society that have become very distant and ignorant of this basic truth, and so we lose ourselves in illusion, starting with the individual identity that we have built with the help of society, and that separates us so much from who we are in Truth.

This ignorance and illusions will naturally manifest themselves in our actions:
war, weapons manufacturing, unjust distribution of natural resources, exploitation and cruelty to human beings, exploitation and cruelty to animals, destruction of ecosystems, species extinction, anxiety, stress, unhappiness, hatred, violence and so on.

These negative manifestations are symptoms of a spiritual and psychological disease affecting the human race. A disease that we dare not recognise: we are far from who we truly are and live in illusion and ignorance created by the personality, the ego, society, hypnotised by appearances and delusion.

So in this way we allow ourselves to participate in a crazy world of ignorance, folly and cruelty, although in the depths of our being we do not want it, but every day we participate in it because we do not know any other way of acting and being in this world and also because we fear too much to stray from submission.

Fear maintains us ignorant of this invisible and mysterious place that concerns us all:
this moment, this Consciousness, this being alive here and now. This is the place where the Cosmos and Nature have their existence. This is our true essence. We are the Cosmos. Like ripples on a calm lake, we too in the same way appear in Infinite Space as temporary forms, and it is here we are all One Soul.
"The Cosmos is also within us, we are made of star stuff. We are a way for the Cosmos to know itself."
Carl Sagan


Lauren said...

Wonderful article! So many great words, but this hits me especially hard right now: "To take responsibility for being alive is to have the courage to say what is True, to embrace, to be, and to express that Truth even when faced with a majority who do not want that responsibility, and who hate those who chose to have it and express it."

Anonymous said...

Really well done!

Erin said...

Very timely for me.

It's a peculiar thing to consider how baseless the paradigm may be which I've learned to take for granted, and peculiar the way the day-to-day mindset obscures the true facts of life, which consist in large measure of the fact that we don't really know what the facts really are.

It would seem that the primary relationship in life is between the individual and the universe they sprang from. We are each answerable for our lives, and when the wolf at the door starts huffing and puffing, heedless of our little talismans of belief and assumption, our house upon the sand will be blown straight down.

Leb wohl!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful writing...but I differ with you in the ending, about "this is where we are one soul" In my understanding, this is where we are ..all one spirit", because ... Spirit and Matter together equal SOUL aka the Body, in other words: We are Spirit descended into matter and the joining of both results in BEing a Soul. When the Soul (body) dies,individual Spirit returns to the greater Spirit; enriching universal Consciousness with the life experiences it lived.

Bruno Gonçalo said...

We humans are stuck in linguistic constructs. We all see the world differently and have had different learning experiences etc. In other words our brains see things differently therefore we express ourselves differently. That's why the meaning of words are relative to those who employ them. People almost always forget this and this is why human communication is difficult.

From what you are saying I see that to me what you mean as being the Spirit I see it as being the Soul, whereas you mention the Soul I see it as Spirit.

I see Spirit as being the Mind maybe, the perceiving apparatus/instrument to make sense of a reality that is apparently separate/divided. A sort of mechanism for us to communicate/play/create in this reality. It is a tool for the Soul to express itself. The Soul or Being (spiritual Heart) is the core of who we really are and that is the place where we are in touch with the Cosmos and it's own Soul. Therefore to me there is only One Soul, which is the Cosmos. Every other view is just a story our minds tell us to make sense of this complex vision we call reality. It seems that in today's society we've forgotten the Soul and let the Spirit (Mind) take over.

But... all this is just speculation and it really is not relevant to the point I'm trying to make which is:
None of this chattering speculation really matter, except waking up to that which we already know and is common to everybody. We are alive (consciousness) and breathing and we don't really know very much besides this point. There are no certainties. Why not take care of each other based on this? Why not seeing the world through the eyes of the Heart (Life) and compassion, who doesn't know much except that the Other (every kind of life) is also himself, that we are all brothers in this journey? To me it is an astonishing thing that we cannot realise this. It's astonishing that the human being perpetuates the selfish habitual behaviour of expressing personal views and metaphysical speculations (Science included) rather than acting on what really matters? Taking care of the planet, of each other, the forests, the oceans, thinking of better ways of teaching our kids and so on...

Thank you for your comment but I would appreciate that next time you type your name or nickname.