“We have only this moment,
sparkling like a star in our hand...
and melting like a snowflake.”

Free your Ego

Vader: the Shadow within, the masks we use, fear
This post was inspired by this very interesting podcast:

Spirit Science Podcast, Episode 1: The Ego… Friend or Foe??

You can't play your Playstation game without a control pad. In the same way you can't experience life without an ego. You may starve it, flat it, try to kill it, but it will remain until the day we die.

To me it is much more relevant and interesting the fact that most people in general are still holding on to an old paradigm that has brought a lot of suffering and injustice. Why do we continue the harmful behaviour towards others, nature and ourselves? Why the passivity, submission, acceptance of so much corruption and stupidity?

I feel that looking objectively at the nature of the ego, we might get an answer to that. What I mean is, the question should not be:

"What to do with the Ego?" or "Should it be there or not?"

But rather:

"What effect is the ego having in the world?" and "How can it be changed?"

The human being when is born develops a dependant ego in order to survive and learn the rules of the game through interaction with mom and tribe. At some point it was supposed for this ego to "transform" from dependant ego to independent (mature, connected to source/heart/consciousness) ego.

This is a natural process recognised intuitively by some tribes as Joseph Campbell pointed out:


The death of dependant ego and resurrection of independent ego (connected to source) brings about a reorganisation of the whole human vehicle, most importantly the brain and emotional system. This is Nature answering. This is what is known in some traditions as enlightenment or awakening. If a dependant ego asks questions about existence and cosmos etc, when it transforms into the independent ego, it will get the answer (the language of Nature is intuition, vision, madness, weirdness, emotion) from within. This provides meaning to one's existence, and freedom to engage with life and embrace a path of true learning.

To me it becomes interesting to recognise the pattern, to identify the culprits. The culprits are ignorance of this natural process (resulting from the ignorance of who we really are) and the shadow we have developed as a consequence.

The shadow is a kind of energetic tumour (made up of trauma, fear, repressed memories and feelings, and mainly the pain of self-betrayal) that serves as a substitute for the connection between independent ego and source (higher self, true self, spiritual heart, no-self, the Being, Soul). The shadow forces the dependant ego to maintain it's ignorance and dependency on the connection to the dependant super ego (matrix, society) thus remaining ignorant and a slave to others.

The dependant super-ego (society) is a cluster of dependent egos, and a pattern of human behaviour and ideology which is characterised by it's psychology of dependence, attachment, fear. Thus resulting in the most absurd and contradictory behaviours: consumerism, shallowness, anxiety, stress, violence, obsession with the source of reality, hunger for power, corruption and so on.

Map to Self-Realisation

So the family/society instead of helping the child to become independent and free (connected to source) it will force an artificial process of programming, which consists also in maintaining the child disconnected from source and thus dependant. This I think is when the Shadow starts to take form. Arno Gruen called this process The Betrayal of the Self.

This dependency attitude is transferred from parents to society, the system, ideology, attachment to form, words, concepts, theories. In other words people tend to take refuge in that which is not source: theories, words, desires, addictions, entertainment, speculations, views, violence, in other words everything external to source, the outside world of appearences.

I think this process of transformation of the ego from dependent to independent is of extreme importance for us. But it is not totally recognised and is certainly not incorporated in modern society and its educational system. We have created a society and system that depend on the dependant ego to survive (think of consumerism). But it's a house of cards ready to crumble at any time. And this is what will happen when/if people start to wake up.

All concepts are empty, all words irrelevant in the sense that they can only bring about irrelevancy, speculation and confusion if used mindlessly. Words, language and thought are tools that should be used as skillful and practical means to recognise disharmonised patterns, to reorganise and heal them. Or to be used as means of self-expression (source expression, speaking the God within outrageously) such as art, poetry etc, which in it's own way it is also positive.

Here's some other interesting sounds:


Lauren said...

Excellent article!!

John Clark said...

There is actually a step past independent ego, which I call "attachment that is no attachment". You are right that the ego exists until we die; however, death does not have to mean physical death. Independent ego still maintains a duality so that the concept of one with spirit has no meaning in this context. It is possible to reach a state where each moment passes like a death of self, which becomes part of the entirety of ones existence up until the present moment. It is like existing on both sides of the veil at the same time. Until six months ago, I thought the transition to independent ego was the last state. I went from being an expression of love to being able to say "I am love" where each expression is a loving expression and only a reflection of the entirety of my existence. I must say that it is a much more comfortable state that the ghost like state of independent ego. Hope this helps expands the discussion in much the same way that your excellent article does. Thank you for following me on twitter.

Bruno Gonçalo said...

I see where you are coming from. This I think is what Shakespeare meant to say when he wrote:

"To be, or not to be, that is the question:
Whether 'tis Nobler in the mind to suffer
The Slings and Arrows of outrageous Fortune,
Or to take Arms against a Sea of troubles."

What I mean is, it is a choice. We can choose between expressing the independent ego (connected to source), engage with the world and express the source (through the independent ego) skilfully in order to bring about healing in society.

Or we can choose to just let go of it, and use it except when we really have to. In my experience this last choice brings peace, and a deeper connection to source within the individual (what you called spirit).

But I also think that this last option although it might bring peace to the individual I don't see how it really helps our species in it's "fight" against ignorance and fear

It takes courage to express the Source in today's society, and it might bring not so peaceful moments.

But this is what I am interested in:
In the fearless expression of the Truth that lies in all our Hearts.