“We have only this moment,
sparkling like a star in our hand...
and melting like a snowflake.”

The Alien Within

The Alien Within
This one started out as a comment to a post from the Secret Sun:

Ockham, the Occult and the Ultraterrestrials

There is certainly a trickster and spiritual element to all this Alien/UFO mystery. Reminds me of some Zen teaching methods like the Koan and other seemingly irrational behaviour and discourses employed by ancient Zen masters. It all seems to work with the purpose of breaking/fracturing the normal human logic, rational, official paradigm, or mind program/matrix, forced in our minds since birth. Once that is achieved some kind of transformation happens.

In the words of D. T. Suzuki, from the book "An introduction to Zen Buddhism":

"(...) You feel as if your march of thought had been suddenly cut short. You hesitate, you doubt, you are troubled and agitated, not knowing how to break through the wall which seems altogether impassable. When this climax is reached, your whole personality, your inmost will, your deepest nature, determined to bring the situation to an issue, throws itself with no thought of self or no-self, of this or that, directly and unreservedly against the iron wall of the Koan. This throwing your entire being against the Koan unexpectedly opens up a hitherto unknown region of the mind. Intellectually, this is the transcending of the limits of logical dualism, but at the same time it is a regeneration, the awakening of an inner sense which enables one to look into the actual working of things."

In the same book, Carl Jung writes in it's introduction:

"The complete destruction of the rational intellect aimed at in the training creates an almost perfect lack of supposition of the consciousness. Conscious supposition is thereby excluded as far as possible, but not unconscious supposition; that is, the existing but unperceived psychological disposition, which is anything but emptiness and lack of supposition. It is a nature-given factor, and when it answers, as is obviously the satori experience, it is an answer of Nature, who has succeeded in conveying her reactions directly to the consciousness."

This answer of nature seems to be the result of what is known as the connection/opening of the Heart, the Stargate to the Cosmos, the Alien within, the Unconscious or the opening of the Third Eye, the Philosopher's Stone, the Holy Grail and so on.

I recently came upon Robert Anton Wilson's concept of reality tunnels, and coming from him sure makes a lot of sense. Human culture and history seem to be a battle of individual and collective reality tunnels, perceptions, memes, interpretations, conventions, suppositions, mind programs. Humanity seems to be locked in it's own limited reality tunnel. So if a higher form of intelligence, possessing a more advanced and overreaching perception of reality, were to interact with us, they would have to choose between participating in our own reality tunnel so they wouldn't become incomprehensible, but they would have to do that from the inside and pass on as humans. The other approach would be to "strike the root" of the problem, our limited perceptions, the old paradigm, therefore a trickster/zen kind of attitude, from the outside, would also be most beneficial.

Maybe this force is working both ways, with some of them working from the inside challenging and breaking with our old perceptions. And also from the outside, showing off themselves more and more as we break free of the old paradigm. So as this process of awakening unfolds, our individual and collective reality tunnels start to transform and enlarge, we start to understand more and more, making more connections, more synchronicity, connecting to the source, the Heart, the Alien within, breaking free from the chains in the mind, and in the end we become the Alien.

This UFO/Alien presence and behaviour is really very weird. I tend to agree with the perspective of Jacques Vallée, that we still can't know exactly what it is. Of course there might be advanced technology behind this, and highly intelligent conscious beings, but we can't be sure of their motives and the story behind it all. Is it possible that these things are just part of some control/teaching mechanism that is constantly challenging mankind, being responsible in this way for our evolution? When I say mechanism I really don't know what I mean with that. Maybe when I say mechanism I'm simplifying, grabbing the immense realm of possibilities and unknowns out there, all the galaxies, civilisations, and their incomprehensible reality tunnels, all the unfolding story/plot/novel (remember Star Trek) happening out there in the Cosmos, and putting them in the same bag, and calling it mechanism. Buddhists call it Dharmakaya, Christians Divine Providence, others the Tao. But possibilities/probability also connect to quantum theory and the observer/observed paradox. It's like we're stuck in some kind of video game/movie/program (like in The Matrix, or The Cube) which interacts with our mind states, desires, fears, the totality of our psyche, making us unconsciously creating and choosing the experiences we want (remember Law of Attraction), or those that are necessary given our current state of evolution. The only way out of this game would be spiritual progress and merging with the Gnostic Divine Principle or the Buddhist Parinirvana. Or maybe there is no way out of it (to me the most obvious and numinous non-dual conclusion) and the best we can do is to accept and continually improve our connection and understanding of the Universe in order to bring about the necessary conditions for a more sustainable human experience for future coming generations, so they can continue the understanding of what this thing (human psyche, cosmos, the Alien) is, not by searching, controlling, fighting, but by accepting it and living their lives to the fullest of their possibilities, that is to me true learning (evolution of our individual and collective reality tunnels).

Dennis McKenna puts it quite simply:

The brain is essentially a communications network … all this complex network of neurons that cross-talk to each other through these neurotransmitters.
We think of ourselves as separate from the environment. We’re kind of here, and our skin separates us from the environment, but we’re not like that at all. We’re semi-permeable membranes. Things are coming in all the time in the form of food, drugs, smoke, other things that we absorb, and we’re putting out things all the time at the same time. So we’re part of this chemical communication system.
If it weren’t for the linkage to symbols, or significance, which are abstractions, we wouldn’t be conscious. That is the sine qua non of consciousness, is that we’re immersed in this world of ideas and abstractions, and dreams. And this kind of experience is as real as the external world for us. And not really separated from us. That’s what sets us apart from animals.
Consciousness is something you detect, like tuning a television set to different channels, as much as it is something that the brain generates. I think the brain modulates signals that come from outside, but consciousness is probably more primal than matter.
It’s not only up to us. Life probably permeates the universe, and that means intelligence permeates the universe. And that’s good. So if we blow it, and it looks like we’re probably going to, others will carry on. And if we wake up in time maybe we can be part of that. Our challenge is to propagate these understandings through enough people that people do wake up and they realize that we’ve got to get cracking. (...)”

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masterymistery said...

Regarding UFOs, or god/s, or aliens within or without, there's a basic problem faced by believers of all stripes:

the difference between "believe IN..." and "believe THAT...".

I believe, for example, THAT objects exist.

And I believe THAT some of those objects fly.

And I believe that some of those flying objects remain unidentified, to this very day!

Well I never! How about that?!

Furthermore, when I do my believing about flying objects, I am not INSIDE one of those flying objects.

In that sense, therefore, I don't believe IN unidentified flying objects.

Do I believe IN God? See above.

I do believe THAT God...

But when I do my believing about God, I am not INSIDE God. So in that sense, I don't believe IN god.

Hang on...

Actually, I am inside God.

So yes, when I do my believing about god, I am IN God when I do that.

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